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MBAerosols is a division of the international McBride Group. We specialize in the formulation and production of aerosols for the entire European market.

As leaders in this market, we manufacture all types of aerosols: personal care, household and insecticides, for major private labels and national brands.

Our industrial and logistic location in Europe and as far as Asia, enable flexible and efficient deliveries that can be adapted to each situation.


Fast, Agile and Reliable

Our products are of high quality, innovative and in conformity with national and international regulations. 

Personal care

Discover our range of products for men and women.


Discover a complete range for home, car and sanitary.


Discover our range for flying and crawling insects.

Personal Care products for Men

Shaving foams and gels for men.

Moisturizes and protects sensitive skin.            Available in 200 ml and 300 ml formats.

Deodorant Fresh 24h.                                  Deodorant Antiperspirant Energy 48h.

Available in 150 ml.

Dermatologically tested.

Personal Care for Women

A complete  range of products for women 

Hairspray Strong Hold

Deodorant 24h

Shaving Gel for Sentive Skin

Clean & Hygenic products

Active on coronavirus, viruscide and fungicide.

Hand antiseptic hydro-alcoholic spray, complying with the EN 14476.                        79,5 %  alcohol.

Individual and travel formats.

Disinfectant spray for all surfaces: car, computer, door handles, workstations….

Insecticides range

COBRA can be supplied in 400 ml and 750 ml formats. Exists in vegetal-based formula.

Multi-insects repellent BOP for face and body 100ml : vegetal-based formula and dermatologically tested.

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